Ecuador soccer game new jersey

The average home league attendance is related to the total capacity of the stadium which was established from matchday 1 to 7 at 50%, from matchday 8 to 19 at 75%, on matchdays 20 and 21 at 50%, on matchdays 22 and 23 with a maximum limit of 5,000 attendance, from matchday 24 to 26 (one match) at 50%, and from matchday 27 to 30 at 75% due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy. In 2015, the Confederation’s entrant to the FIFA Confederations Cup shifted to a system whereby one nation must win the two Gold Cups held before the Confederations Cup or, if it does not win both editions, enter a one-game playoff against the nation that also won wither of the Gold Cup tournaments in advance of a Confederations Cup.

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